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ProStretchPlus - #1 Proven

Proven Effective

#1 Choice of professional athletes, athletic trainers & physical therapists for over 20 years.
ProStretch Plus Stretching
Customized Stretch
Unique adjustable heel rest allows you to Customize the degree of your stretch.
ProStretch Plus Fits Your foot

Fits Your Foot

One size never fits all. ProStretch Plus is wider and adjustable to fit your foot.
ProStretch Plus Max Toe & Plantar Stretch
Max Toe & Plantar Stretch
Exclusive removable toe lift provides advanced Stretch for toes & plantar fascia.

One Tool So Many Uses – ProStretch Plus®

ProStretch Plus - proven to provide a deep, effective stretch that increases flexibility along the entire inter-connective chain, soothing tight calves, strengthening weak Achilles tendons and foot muscles -- delivering the flexibility needed for lasting relief.

In fact, ProStretch Plus provides relief from the 3 of the Top 5 Running Injuries

1. Plantar Fasciitis
2. Achilles Tendonitis
3. IT Band Syndrome
4. Runner's Knee
5. Shin Splints

ProStretch Plus®

Easy to Use. Really Works!

Pain and injuries can take a toll on your active lifestyle. Getting back on your feet needs to be as quick and easy as possible.

The ProStretch Plus® patented unique stretching system is simply designed to do just that.

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Plantar FasciitisPlantar Fasciitis is often described as an incredible pain during the first steps of the morning.  Is there a cure?


Achilles TendonitisAchilles Tendonitis is an overuse injury resulting in pain at the back of the ankle. How can you treat or prevent it?

Tight HamstringsTight Hamstrings often lead to hip, knee or lower back issues. Prevention is key to experiencing or repeating a hamstring injury.
SS_iconShin Splints: The most immediate relief comes from ceasing activity but everyday activities must continue. What can you do?


Tight CalfTight Calf - The calves are critical to maintaining foot, knee and leg health & mobility.  A tight calf can often lead to additional injuries.



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