ProStretch Plus Box Contains:

  • ProStretch Plus
  • Adjustable Heel Rest
  • Exclusive Removable Toe Lift
  • Detailed Stretching Guide
  • Access to ProStretch Plus On-line Video Stretching Library 


ProStretch Illustration

Rocker Bottom

The patented ProStretch Plus rocker design allows you to completely control the amount of stretch.  The unique combination of the heel rest, wider platform and rocker bottom automatically holds your foot in the optimal position for achieving a safe and effective stretch.

Adjustable Heel Rest

ProStretch Plus’s unique adjustable heel rest allows you to increase or decrease the degree of stretch, enabling you to “progress their stretch” as you become stronger and more flexible.

Removable Toe Lift For Advanced Stretching

Start by using your ProStretch Plus without the toe lift.

The exclusive removable toe lift is designed to deliver’s maximum toe and Plantar fascia stretch. Perfect for engaging the entire inter-connective chain of the lower leg for advanced, unparalleled results.

Larger Platform

  • Larger, continuous platform provides increased comfort and stability.
  • ProStretch Plus provides a better fit for smaller (children’s) and larger feet. Fits up to size 14 shoe.

Durable & Portable

Engineered to be stronger and lighter, the ProStretch Plus is even more portable making it easier to follow a regular or prescribed stretching routine.

Stretching GuideProStretch Plus Stretching Guide

Includes detailed, illustrated ProStretch Plus stretching guide with targeted Gastroc, Soleus, Achilles tendon, hamstring, Plantar fascia and toe stretches.

ProStretch On-line Video Stretching Library

See exactly how to do each stretch and learn more about the ProStretch Plus at the

Medi-Dyne ProStretch online resource center and the Medi-Dyne YouTube Channel.