ProStretch Plus vs The Curb

Curb heel-stretch1.       The Right Degree of Stretch

The unique combination of the proprietary heel rest and the rocker bottom of ProStretch Plus allows you to start at your own stretching pace and increase or decrease the degree of your stretch as you need.  ProStretch Plus enables you to “progress your stretch” as you become stronger and more flexible and always leaves you in control.  Making ProStretch Plus perfect for everyday stretching or injury rehabilitation.

2.       Complete Control

Both slant boards and curbs offer only one stretching option and hanging off a curb or on a step certainly doesn’t give you much control (not to mention “holding still” at just the correct angle can be difficult). ProStretch Plus puts you in control throughout your stretch.

3.       Ergonomically Correct

ProStretch Plus automatically holds your foot in the optimal position for providing a biomechanically accurate and efficient stretch.

4.       Stretches Multiple Muscles

Hamstrings, Gastroc ,  Soleus,  Achilles tendon, Plantar fasciia and toes  – you can stretch all of these muscles with ProStretch Plus.  A curb or slant board can’t come close to delivering on this list.

5.       Proven Effective

ProStretch has been the #1 choice of professional athletes, trainers and physical therapists for 20 years.

6.       Available When You Need It

Sometimes a curb or step just isn’t available.  ProStretch Plus was engineered to be stronger and lighter, making it easy to keep in your gym bad or take along wherever you go.  You can always have your ProStretch Plus handy!