Achilles Tendonitis Stretches and Exercises

Achilles tendonitis exercises, in particular Achilles tendonitis stretches, are a key part of a treatment or injury prevention program. ProStretch Plus Stretching Manual - Achilles tendonitis stretchesStretching and strengthening the Achilles tendon, calf muscles and plantar fascia (foot) can have a major impact on reducing Achilles tendonitis pain levels in a short time.

The best way to treat an Achilles tendonitis injury is to keep it from happening in the first place! Many times, Achilles tendonitis can be prevented by improving lower extremity strength, balance and flexibility. The ProStretch Plus is a unique enhancement tool designed to allow you to improve all three of these categories.

Increased muscle flexibility reduces the risk of over-use injuries like Achilles Tendonitis.

With a proper ProStretch flexibility program, muscles and tendons actually begin to lengthen. You can learn how to best stretch and strengthen your lower leg, including pain relieving Achilles tendonitis stretches, using the ProStretch by downloading the ProStretch Stretching Guide.

The ProStretch Plus is perfect for the gradual Achilles tendonitis stretches needed to heal Achilles tendonitis and prevent future injuries. You can see the ProStretch Plus in action by watching this video.


In addition to using the ProStretch Plus to help treat and prevent Achilles tendonitis, here are some additional suggestions for Achilles tendonitis stretches and exercises that may help.


  • Seated Calf Raise – This is a gentle and simple exercise that will help strengthen your calf muscles, and strong calf muscles can lead to decreased occurrences of Achilles tendonitis injuries. Sit in a chair with your back straight, your knees bent and your feet positioned flat on the ground in front of you. While you are seated, gently raise up off of your heels and onto your toes. You should feel a stretch in the back of your calves. Hold this position for two seconds. Lower your feet back to the ground and repeat. Complete two sets of 10 repetitions daily.
  • Ankle Dorsiflexion – This ankle exercise can help reduce symptoms of Achilles tendinitis by improving your ability to rotate your ankle. You should sit on a chair with your feet flat on the floor and arms at your sides. Lift your left foot slightly off the ground, rotating it to the left as far as it will go. Hold this position for several seconds before returning to your original position. Repeat this rotation with your right foot.
  • Single Leg Balance – This Achilles tendonitis stretch can help to restore balance and strength in the tendon affected by Achilles tendonitis. Stand up straight and shift your weight to your affected foot. Raise your healthy foot off of the ground and maintain your balance. If necessary, you can hold on to the back of a chair or hold your arms out at your side for balance. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Relax and then repeat this exercise three times.

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