Is there an effective Achilles Tendonitis Treatment?

Achilles tendonitis is a repetitive strain injury which results in pain at the back of the ankle and can result in long-term weakening and possible rupture of the tendon. Chronic overuse can lead to small tears within the tendon which cause weakening. Achilles tendonitis treatment and injury prevention often begins with good support, proper footwear, and appropriate stretching. Learn how you can get immediate relief and healing in just two steps.


2 Steps SolutionsYou’re 2 STEPS away from immediate relief & healing!

Achilles Tendonitis Treatment

Step 1: Immediate Relief

Immediate Relief With Cushioning & SupportTulis 3-4_Gaitors

Treatment of Achilles tendonitis, as well as prevention, always begins with supportive shoes. The best shoes for avoiding Achilles tendonitis are low-heeled shoes with good arch support and shock absorption. A shoe insert can be added to provide additional shock absorption and arch support and ensure that your everyday foot mechanics are operating under ideal conditions. Running shoes typically lose most of their cushioning after 400 miles or about 3 – 6 months, so replacing athletic shoes regularly will also help prevent Achilles tendonitis.

Arch Support and Heel CupsTuli's_HD_Heel Cups

Another way assist with Achilles tendonitis treatment or pain prevention is to use shoe inserts like Tuli’s Gaitors and heel cups like Tuli’s Heel Cups. Both of these items can be placed in your shoes to promote stability and proper alignment as well as provide long-lasting relief from Achilles tendonitis pain. The support that these products provide reduces the length that the Achilles tendon stretches each time you step, making it more comfortable for you to go about your day.

cho-pat_achilles tendonitis strap

Tendon Support

Support straps or temporary taping often help alleviate the pain and discomfort of Achilles tendonitis. Developed in cooperation with the Mayo Clinic, the patented Cho-Pat Achilles Tendonitis Strap is widely used by many sports/medicine professionals who recognize it as an effective in helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with Achilles Tendonitis.

Step 2: Long-Term Healing

Long-term Healing With Targeted StretchingProStretch Plus Long-term Healing for Plantar Fasciitis

Achilles tendonitis treatment and prevention begins with stretching. It is critical to stretch properly before exercising if you want to avoid an Achilles tendonitis injury. To help maintain flexibility in the ankle joint, you should begin each day with a series of stretches and remember to stretch before and after any excessive physical activity. If you wear high heels every day, it is even more critical that you stretch every morning and night to keep Achilles tendonitis from occurring. ProStretch Plus allows you to safely and gradually stretch your Achilles tendon, putting you in control of the level of stretch.

As always, if you believe you’ve injured your Achilles tendon, it is always best to be examined by a physician.

Achilles tendonitis treatment for most minor injuries will include rest, ice, compression and gradual controlled stretching.

All of the above suggestions are useful for both Achilles tendonitis treatment and prevention. Early treatment works best for Achilles tendonitis and can prevent additional or more severe injuries from happening.

Even with mild cases of Achilles tendonitis, it may take weeks to months of rest for the Achilles tendon to completely repair itself. It is important to be patient and not to return too soon to sports and activities that stress the tendon before it is healed. Although treatment for Achilles tendonitis takes some time, it is usually effective. Most people can return to their sports and other athletic activities once their injury has healed.


Learn about Achilles tendonitis stretches and exercises that you can perform to help treat or prevent Achilles tendonitis pain.

Achilles Tendonitis Solutions

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