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ProStretch Plus

I had plantar fasciitis that seemed to linger forever. I tried physical therapy, a night splint, etc, but couldn’t get the last of the pain to leave. The I purchased a ProStretch Plus. The releif was immediate – literally, immediately after stretching the pain was gone. And the more I stretched the longer the pain would subside. Early in my use of it, I had a 20-mile hike to do with my sons. I knew my feet would fatigue and tighten, so I stuffed my ProStretch Plus in my dayback and brought it along. When we stopped for water, I also stretched. I made through the hike, the night, and the next day with no pain – a miracle!

– Tyler L

I’ve been using the PROSTRETCH +PLUS for about three months now and it has been GREAT!!! Before using the PROSTRETCH +PLUS, I could barely run a ¼ mile without suffering severe shin pain and having my calf muscles lock up on me. After using this stretching tool for a few months, I can now run a 5K again without pain and am training for a 10k race right now. I’m confident I’m going to be running that marathon soon!

– Tim B

The Pro-stretch+plus gave me a more structured way to stretch. It was nice to have the “how-to” guide with exercises that I could use during my stretching time. I typically used this product post-workout/run at my gym. I have a weekly appointment to stretch with my personal trainer and we began to incorporate this into our session. It made stretching easy than just the typically exercises and I felt more satisfied with my stretching when using this product.

– Diane H.

I use ProStrech Plus before & after a run and before I go to bed. My favorite feature is that the ProStretch Plus is customizeable – I create the type of stretch I want. It helps keep my calves feeling (semi) normal and has helped reduce the frequency of my leg – cramps.

– Melody J

I have been running for about a year and half now. I recently ran my first 1/2 marathon and followed a training program. I wanted to make sure I had the best equipment to finish my half marathon. I have heard about people having Plantar Fasciitis while training and wanted to avoid this. I heard about Medi-Dyne on Twitter through Runchat and did a little research. I then decided to purchase the prostretch plus. This is one of the best buys I have ever made. After a long run, I stretch my foot, calves, and hamstrings. This thing is a little bit of heaven. My feet are happy feet!

– Joe

I am no longer afraid to take that first step out of the bed in the morning!! I’ve had my ProStretch for a couple of weeks, and have used it a few minutes just about every day, or every other day. I had pretty severe plantar in my left foot, but it has pretty much disappeared. My achilles tendons also feel stronger and more flexible. What a world of difference! This has been the best $40 spent on a home health solution. Im blown away by how quickly it worked. I was very skeptical, but from the speedy processing to the desired results, this has been a fantastic experience. Thank you!

– Matt S.

It got to the point where it was painful to take a step. I had orthotics put in which didn’t do much. After stretching for a less than a month, I can walk pain free. Even went to a festival where I did lots of walking & standing. Also combined with ice in the evenings. Doctor recommended an expensive orthotic too but am holding off to see if this will do it.

– Sienna

As a podiatrist and former competitive runner, I would urge anyone who trains on a regular basis to use the ProStretch Plus to help them improve flexibility and avoid injuries.

– Thomas Vorderer D.P.M

I have shelled out for three different varieties of orthotics. Don’t bother. For under ten percent of the charges for the orthotics I got this tool, stretched out my plantar and Achilles, and am now a heck of a lot better, at a much better price and without the bother of messing around with my shoes. My Podiatrist’s Warning: keep on stretching. A two week sabbatical from stretching and, if you are like me, you will likely be back in the original painful condition.

– Anonymous

I am an occasional runner who began to suffer from shin splints a couple of years ago. A neighbor recommended the ProStretch to me as a way to stretch away the tightness in my lower legs that seems to lead to the shin splints. I used a borrowed one for over a month before becoming convinced of its value and purchasing my own. For me, the ProStretch has been an excellent tool that has helped keep me running more and hurting less.

– J.R. A.

Thank you so much for the ProStretch! I have been seeing a Podiatrist for over a year with no resolution of my foot pain. I was considering expensive/invasive surgery with yet another doctor before using this product. Within a week, my foot pain is almost totally gone! I”m shocked! and I’m thrilled! No more pain – no surgery! Thank you so much. I’m going to tell everyone I know about this miracle product. Feel free to use me in testimonials!

– B Redfield



ProStretch Original

The ProStretch is simply an amazing product. I purchased it to relieve my plantar fasciitis but I subsequently learned of all the other uses and it is now my most used gym item. It works great to relieve tightness in my calves, hamstrings and Achilles tendon. You just can’t beat the convenience and portability. I also have one in my office and use it while I am on phone calls.

 – Emund M

Great product. Helps with my therapy.

 – Cheryl W.

I had a bad case of Plantar Fasciitis and a friend recommended using the ProStretch product to gain more flexibility for my lower leg muscles. After securing the ProStrech, I followed the exercises on the MediDyne YouTube channel – about 20 seconds, 3 times a day. After using the product for about two days I got significant pain relief and felt recovered after a little over a week. I can’t recommend the product enough. It really works! 

 – Chad M

We use the Prostretch as part of our treatment with patients that have a variety of foot, ankle, and lower leg problems. I’ve had numerous plantar fascia cases that resolve quicker due to using this device on a regular basis!

 – Dr. J

I noticed a huge difference in my plantar fasciitis after using this just one week! You can’t get the same stretch doing anything else. I would highly recommend this product to anyone….light weight and easy to use!

 – Erin Walker

I have tendencies in both my Achilles heels. This product is a great help to the stretching therapy I have to do. Cheryl Williams The Prostretch is great for physical therapy. It works well on strengthening and stretching your leg muscles. Will use it again for my next knee replacement too.

 – Bryant 

Last year I strained my Achilles’ tendon on the right side, and during my physical therapy I decided to buy a stretcher for my foot! This year on my left leg I tore my meniscus and strained my gastro leg muscle. And my physical therapist said I need to stretch both calves together! I love my stretchers. It’s convenient, easy n completes the hard to rotate area. for different stretching!

 – Margaret C

I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for your products- the heavy duty heel cups, and the Cheetah as well as the ProStretch. I recently was afflicted with achilles tendonosis in my right foot. As I had a spinal cord injury in the past that weakened my left leg and left it in a brace, I rely heavily on my right leg to get around. Your heel cups in my shoes have helped immensely in relieving my pain, and the Cheetah is great for wearing at home with my slippers. It’s a great idea to combine the wrap around feature with the heel cup!

And I really appreciate that they are made here in the USA. I thank you for helping me on the road to what will hopefully be a full recovery! I really started using your (ProStretch) for a sore left achilles about 6 months ago. That was in my left leg. It really helped and my left achilles healed. Unfortunately my right has gotten the same as my left was. So I am using your medi-dyne ProStretch to help heal the right one at present. Laura S “I am a healthy, active senior and use my ProStretch faithfully each morning and evening. In my youth I was an Olympic rower and World Champion, and my running training in those days often caused leg cramps. The ProStretch eliminates virtually all these problems, and also provides a pleasurable and relaxing stretch for the achilles, calf and hamstring. It is a great product, and I’ve also found that Medi-Dyne provides excellent customer support.“

 – Don S

I have had one of these for over 20 years. I use it after every workout. I remember after one workout I could feel My calf muscle easily stretching out. Joe With the Pro Stretch I feel that my calves are more thoroughly being stretched.

 – Wes L

I’ve been suffering with plantar fascitis for one year now. I’ve tried various products – inserts for my shoes, heel cups, etc. Nothing worked. My podiatrist provided me with various inserts – no luck. I bought a Pro-Stretch on a Thursday, and by Sunday I was feeling better. It really does work! I use it every day, and it has made walking pleasurable again. Thank you! Debbie I used the ProStretch when I was getting physical therapy for a broken ankle, and I liked it so much I bought one for myself. I have plantar fasciitis, and the ProStretch provides a really profound and relaxing calf stretch which helps loosen up the tight muscles that cause foot tenderness and pain. It provides such a strong stretch that I would warm up a little before using it, by walking around or doing less intense stretching of the gastrocnemius muscle in the calf. A terrific product that does what it promises to do.

 – Anonymous

ProStretch Double

Great Product! Very sturdy and able to support my weight (230 lbs). Fast Delivery to HK.

 – David (HK)

I had been having bad right calf pain. It had progressed up the inside of my leg and gradually was working it’s way into my hamstring. I found this product in my gym and decided to give it a try. Wow, what a difference it made. After a six day stint in physical therapy and working with an orthopedic this was all it took. The pain left almost immediately and I continued to come back and use the product. The same day I first used it I went home and purchased it online. Best money I’ve ever spent. Hopefully it will keep me out of my doctor’s office. Best stretch I’ve ever had. Use it in conjunction with massage rollers.

 – T Gibson

Great product, good compliment for a standing workstation. Incredibly well built product.

 – Burto

I bought the bilateral mistakenly, thinking I was getting 2 singles at a slightly lower rate. It wasn’t what I wanted but I thought I’d try it before returning it. After 1 use I was glad I bought it. It can be used one leg at a time or both together. When 1 at a time, you can use your other foot on the “empty” one to help control the stretch.

 – Tesh

I used this at my Physical Therapist’s office. I like the bi-lateral because it stretches both legs at the same time, but you could still use it to stretch one leg at a time. Solid build/feel – you are paying for a professional product. It’s use is a little novel, but effective.

 – Martin (NY)

It worked just like expected. I had chronic trouble for more than 4 years with my feet, to the point that I started to consider myself as having a severe disability. Woke up with pain in the morning, could not get up from any sitting position without pain, to the degree that pain was the only constant in my life. Went to physiotherapy for 20 sessions, and still had 65% of the pain left. My therapist suggested to do stretching exercises. I came up on this product on ebay and bought it. Today after 3 5 minute sessions, I am for the first time free of pain. I could say that I am down to 5% of the original pain that haunted my life for more than 4 years. Thanks. P.S. I would however suggest watching the video before exercising and in case you are not an athlete, you should start at a lower pace (2×15 seconds) than suggested (3×30 seconds).

 – Ioannis N