What is the best tight hamstrings treatment?

Hamstring injuries are often due to hamstring or hip flexor inflexibility or abrupt stress on the hamstrings. Tight hamstrings treatment is imperative for the health of your entire muscular chain. Learn how you can get immediate relief and healing in just two steps.


2 Steps SolutionsYou’re 2 STEPS away from immediate relief & healing!


Immediate Relief With Compression

Thigh Compression Sleeve for Tight HamstringsA quality thigh compression sleeve provides stabilizes and support the hamstring while promoting circulation and healing. Compression for tight hamstrings treatment also helps to keep your muscles warm which helps to control the fluid build-up in the muscle.

Designed by medical professionals, the Cho-Pat® Thigh Compression Sleeve is anatomically contoured for maximum fit, comfort and effectiveness. It applies gentle compression and support for the lower leg muscles and soft tissue while it promotes circulation and warmth which controls fluid build-up and enhances healing – all of which play a role in tight calf treatment and recovery.


Long-term Healing With Targeted Stretching & Massage


Your hamstring are very important to the health of your back, knees, ankles and ultimately your feet!. If you have an imbalance in hamstring muscle flexibility it can manifest itself anywhere along the chain. Stretching daily as a form of tight hamstrings treatment increases your hamstring flexibility, you can dramatically reduce your risk of a muscle imbalance injury.

Medi-Dyne’s ProStretch has been proven to provide a deep stretch and strengthening that increases flexibility along the entire lower leg chain of muscles, delivering the long-term flexibility needed for a lasting tight hamstrings treatment and prevention. ProStretch allows you to safely and gradually stretch your leg muscles, putting you in control of the level of stretch.

ProStretch Plus Long-term Healing for Plantar FasciitisProviding a safe, effective, easy-to-use method for performing targeted exercises that stretch and strengthen the hamstrings, calf, Achilles tendon, feet, toes; ProStretch deep, ergonomically correct stretch is the go-to choice for individuals suffering from tight hamstrings. That’s why ProStretch is the #1 Choice of professional athletes, physical therapists and athletic trainers.

Looking for even an even broader range of hamstrings and back stretches?

corestretch hamstring and back stretchOriginally developed for physical therapists, CoreStretch uses the body’s natural traction to achieve safe, effective stretches for hamstrings treatment and back pain relief. CoreStretch provides deep, effective hamstring stretches as well as hip flexor stretches, piriformis stretches and lower back stretches to decompress your spine and alleviate muscle compensation and further injury.  It assists in tight hamstrings treatment and the stretching of your major core muscle groups delivering optimal stretching for three levels of fitness that can be used in seated, standing, or floor positions.



Tight Calf Treatment Massage with RangeRollerSports massage and rolling can help loosen tight hamstring muscles and can be used in addition to a stretching program to help increase the flexibility of tight hamstring muscles. While tight hamstrings definitely need stretching, massage and rolling can help by stretching the muscles sideways (or transversely) which is not possible simply by stretching. In addition, massage will increase blood flow and relax muscles which will help hamstrings stretch more easily.Using a massage therapy tool can be helpful in a tight calf treatment plan.


RangeRoller will assist in increasing the flexibility, mobility and functionality of your calf muscles. It will also reduce the pull on your knees, hips and hamstrings and will provide relief to your glutes and lower back.

For tight hamstrings treatment, it is best to use a massage tool horizontally along the length of the back side of your calf from just below the back of your knee down to your heel bone.


Learn more about tight hamstring stretches you can perform to help prevent or treat tight hamstrings.

Tight Hamstrings Solutions

Essential Tight Hamstrings Solution from Medi-Dyne

Essential Tight Hamstring Solution

Includes: Cho-Pat Thigh Compression Sleeve & CoreStretch

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Advanced Tight Hamstrings Solution from Medi-Dyne

Advanced Tight Hamstring Solution

Includes: Cho-Pat Calf Compression Sleeve, RangeRoller & CoreStretch

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Tight Hamstrings Treatment from ProStretch

ProStretch Plus


ProStretch 5 out of 5 based on 3 ratings. 3 user reviews.
...Before using the PROSTRETCH +PLUS, I could barely run a ¼ mile without suffering severe shin pain and having my calf muscles lock up on me. After using this stretching tool for a few months, I can now run a 5K again without pain and am training for a 10k race right now...   read more

– Tim B


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